Round Da Bend Acres

Located in Clintonville, WI                            

Hi! We are Tanya and Andy Zimmerman, our daugther Kersten and our son Scott. We have a 17 acre hobby farm in Clintonville Wisconsin. A variety of animals call our farm home, check out our site to see what.

Rabbits: We have been raising rabbits since 1992. Tanya started out in 4-H with havanas and Andy joined the hobby in 1999. Kersten started exhibiting. We also "hope" Scott will be a future exhibitor. We currently show throughout Wisconsin, but also go to a few shows in MN, IA, MO, IL, and IN. Tanya & Andy used to specialize mainly in the Havanas, but now working with Beveren and English Spots. Kersten has Havanas and New Zealands and dabbles with Dutch and Netherland Dwarfs. We have approx. 125 holes and about 95 are filled with just havanas. Tanya's first havana pair came from Roger Moeller of WI, and working hard to learn the breed. We have improved our herd by selective breeding. We have achieved several Best In Show wins since we started showing seriously in 1999. There was not much interested in havanas here in Wisconsin until 2000 and now we have quite a few new breeders and even more people interested in them. We try to promote the breed as much as possible by helping getting new breeders started with good stock or locating stock for them. We love the traveling and hope to meet many of you at future shows.

Fainting Goats: In 2009, we started our fainting goat herd. Tanya's parents have raised fainters for several years and we've fallen for them too.

Corgis: Tanya showed Cocker Spaniels in 4H and her trainer had a corgi "cowboy". Tanya fell in love with them and when she moved to her own place the corgis soon joined in.